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My name is Kristina, I’m in the middle of my prime of life, I live in Düsseldorf and my head is full of creative thoughts. 

When I was stuck over head and ears in my own wedding preparations back in 2017 I was looking for an extraordinary idea to keep the most precious remembrances of this special day.

Of course we booked a photographer and we planned a guestbook and naturally we decided for some stunning wedding rings.

But somehow I was missing a very unique and special reminiscence of this most special day in life.

When I then started to engage myself in the history of the bridal bouquet and the tradition of the throw of the bridal bouquet I tripped over the fact, that most of the brides nowadays have to bridal bouquets. One to throw on your wedding party and one to keep and to take back home after the wedding to store it as a special memory. 

But how to meaningful preserve wedding flowers I was asking myself?

Do I really want a dried up, crumbling dust collector standing on the shelf or hanging from the ceiling for the next 50 years? Or do I put it in a box after drying and then be happy when I accidentally discover it in the attic at 90 after the moths are done with it?

And somehow the idea was born.

Why not make something unique and special out of the beautiful bridal bouquet that a woman chooses with so much attention to detail for the most beautiful day of her life?

Something to always carry with you that will never wither.

And so the first keepyourflowers bridal bouquet bracelet was created.

Today I am happy that I can help so many brides with my idea to keep the memory of their most beautiful day alive every day and to make it tangible.

Of course, the whole thing works just as well with a bridal wreath, which is becoming more and more popular, and especially with the groom’s pin, which most brides keep anyway.

Each keepyourflowers piece of jewellery is unique and is made by hand and with love.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Just send me an email to or contact me via the contact form.


Yours Kristina