What to do to get my keepyourflowers piece of jewelry made from my own bridal bouquet?

Please go to “to do” in our main menu. There you can find all relevant information.


My bridal bouquet is already a few years old – can I still have a piece of jewelry made from it by you?

Yes, that is also possible without any problems. However, we then only have a limited influence on the colors of your bouquet. If you also provide us with a photo of your bridal bouquet when it was still fresh, we can try to come as close as possible to this memory, for example by coloring your flowers a little again.


When should I best order my piece of jewelry from you?

We recommend that our brides ideally order their piece of jewelry from us about 2-3 weeks before the wedding. Then there is still enough time to consider whether you want to dry the flowers yourself and if so, what is the best and easiest way to do this, especially in order to preserve the colors of your flowers as completely as possible, or possibly to decide that we should dry the flowers for you to take over you. Open questions can then also be answered in a relaxed manner. (Of course you can also order your jewelry months in advance if you’re a “planning monster” (like me 😉 and like to get things off the table. Then just send us the flowers as soon as you’ve enjoyed your big day have and are husband and wife/wife and wife/husband and husband.


How many flowers and leaves do I have to dry for a bracelet?

For a classic Keep Your Flowers bracelet we need about 30 individual petals and about 15 individual green leaves. A few extra petals are always welcome as it is a manual process using very delicate natural materials. The wafer-thin, dried flowers are of course very sensitive. So it’s always good for us to have a few extra flowers and leaves as a backup. If you pluck the flowers and leaves required for this from your bridal bouquet very carefully and spread them out well, or carefully remove the empty stem afterwards, you can still dry and store your bridal bouquet in all its bridal bouquet splendor or even throw it on your wedding day. If that is the case your maid of honor or the mother of the bride may have done it for you beforehand and put the leaves in a Tupperware box in her handbag.


How many flowers and leaves do I have to dry for a pendant, ring or earrings?

For a necklace or bracelet pendant as well as for a ring or earrings, we only need a few flowers or leaves (8-10 individual petals), which you can pluck out of your bridal bouquet almost imperceptibly with a little skill.


How do I ship the flowers buds and leaves without damaging them?

Pack the dried flowers and leaves, depending on which drying process you have chosen, either wrapped in kitchen paper between two layers of sturdy cardboard in a very strong envelope or in a small cardboard box lined with kitchen paper (if you dried with drying salt, this is certainly the one better and safer way the leaves keep their natural curved shape very much). If you are sending a small package, please fill it generously with kitchen paper without stuffing it too much, or use a small empty box such as an egg carton, a box of Smarties, or similar.


How do I ship the fresh flowers and leaves without damaging them?

It is best to send your fresh flowers and leaves wrapped in kitchen paper in a small package, just like the dried ones.


Where do I ship my finished dried flowers and leaves to?

The shipping address is: Keep Your Flowers, Graf-Engelbert-Straße 2, 40489 Düsseldorf, Germany


How long do I have to wait for my finished piece of jewellery?

Since we can only get started once we have received your flowers and the 14-day revocation period has passed, you should take this time into account. We make each keepyourflowers piece of jewellery by hand and with a lot of love and therefore need up to 12 weeks for the production. We can therefore ship your finished piece of jewellery around 12 weeks after we have received your flowers. If you specifically waive the cancellation period and let us know by email, we can get started as soon as we receive your flowers. Then it is all a little faster. You can find more information under the menu item “Right of withdrawal”. You can always find more information about the current delivery times on our website, as they can vary in the high season.


If I have decided on a bridal bouquet made of silk flowers, can I also have a keepyourflowers bracelet or other piece of jewelry made from it?

Sure, just pluck a few of the beautiful flowers from a few inconspicuous spots and send them to us. Then we’ll do the rest.


Why are some tiny little air bubbles sometimes seen?

The flowers and leaves that we incorporate into your piece of jewelery are natural materials that are therefore organic and have different shapes and surface structures. The material we work with is liquid and so there can always be the smallest air pockets, which are prevented from rising by one or the other flower in the hardening process and are thus trapped.


Will my jewellery stay the same forever?

Our materials are of two kinds: A liquid resin into which the flowers are incorporated and precious metals with which the stone made from the resin is set. We do not make costume jewellery, only real jewellery.

If you decide on gold plating (rosé or yellow), this gold plating is always subject to natural abrasion through wear, contact and reactions with the skin, contact with sweaters, jackets or zippers, water or skin creams. Gold plating therefore never lasts forever in the delivered quality, although we work together with a German refinery and gild our products in a particularly thick thickness for you. If you want to be on the safe side, you should therefore opt for silver or a solid gold variant. Anyone who decides on gold plating can also have it refreshed by us. However, this service is chargeable.

The resin itself is transparent in its original form, but is also subject to environmental influences and reacts to too much sunlight or too long darkness and can therefore darken somewhat over the years. This is not a sign of poor quality, but is in the nature of things. The finished “resin stone” is transparent, permeable to light and sun. Therefore, the flowers incorporated in it can fade if exposed to too much light/sunlight, comparable to a pullover lying on the rear shelf of a car. We therefore advise you not to leave your piece of jewelry in the blazing sun. So you can enjoy the beautiful colors for a long time.


Will my keepyourflowers bracelet break if I drop it?

Not necessarily, because our material is very stable and is also used for floor coverings, for example, and is therefore more than robust. Of course, the material is not indestructible.


If I want a piece of jewellery that you don’t have in your range, can you also fulfill special requests?

We would love to see every bride happy. So we always try our best. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our shop and have a very precise idea of ​​what piece of jewellery you would like, please send us an e-mail with your request and we will, if possible, make you an individual offer for your very own piece of jewellery .


May I tell other brides about keepyourflowers?

We are glad about every bride that we can make happy with a piece of keepyourflowers jewellery, so we are very happy! 🙂

Wir freuen uns über jede Braut, die wir mit einem keepyourflowers Schmuckstück glücklich machen können, insofern SEHR GERNE! 🙂