At Keep Your Flowers we use a special resin to preserve your bridal bouquet flowers forever.

In addition, everyone can decide for themselves which precious metal should be used to design their own piece of jewelry.

Depending on the piece of jewellery, you can choose between:

925 sterling silver (full silver)
Yellow gold plated 925 sterling silver
Rose gold plated 925 sterling silver

333 yellow gold (solid gold)
585 yellow gold (solid gold)

585 rose gold (solid gold)

750 white gold (solid gold)


Cast resin is generally transparent and therefore lets light and sun through. As a result, it can darken slightly over time and, due to its transparent nature (similar to glass), does not protect the flowers embedded in it from fading, for example caused by too much sunlight.

Subsequent fading of the flowers due to exposure to light and sunlight or a slight darkening of the casting resin does not represent a quality defect.


If you want to be able to enjoy the great colors for as long as possible, ideally keep your piece of jewelery neither too light nor too dark.

Save it from a life on the windowsill or in the drawer and wear it ūüôā