Hello dears, in order to get your keepyourflowers piece of jewellery as quickly and easily as possible, we have summarized the individual steps for you here:

  1. Choose your favorite piece of jewelery in the shop

  2. Select desired properties such as material, size, etc

  3. Add jewellery to cart

  4. Under “Notes” you are welcome to note your own wishes regarding the design if you have special wishes.

  5. submit order

  6. After receiving your order, you will receive a PDF from us with the most important information about drying the bridal bouquet flowers and leaves, so that we can achieve the best possible result for your personal piece of jewellery and information about how many flowers and leaves we need for that piece of jewellery you have selected at all.

  7. Dry enough flowers and leaves properly or send them fresh to us

  8. Send the blossoms and leaves to us between sturdy cardboard and kitchen roll, embedded in a sturdy envelope or, for example, in a small box in an insured package (with a tracking number for tracking). Please MAKE SURE you include either the printed order confirmation or a handwritten note with your order number so that we can allocate your flowers correctly. If you have any special design requests, be sure to write them down again. And please include a picture of your bridal bouquet in the package or email us a picture of your bridal bouquet to lena@keepyourflowers.de, stating your order number.

  9. The address for shipping your flowers is: Keep Your Flowers, Graf-Engelbert-Straße 2, 40489 Düsseldorf
  10. Excitedly waiting 🙂